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You’ve asked for it. We’ve delivered. The new Quantum Mk II Marching Drums offers unique features found nowhere else. The Mapex SONIClear bearing edge design provides a fundamental tone and easy tuning. The lightweight aluminum connectors on the tenor drums add stability while reducing overall weight. The revolutionary externally adjustable bass drum eyebolt provides effortless carrier height adjustment. These forward-thinking appointments remind you that with Quantum Mk II,  it keeps getting better.

Advancements to Quantum Mk II Marching Instruments ensure elevated comfort and playability for the individual musician while the innovative Quantum Mk II designs and features propel your ensemble to the next level of performance.



The new Quantum Mk II Marching Brass instruments have evolved with the marching arts activity by addressing sound, intonation, response, weight, balance, and playability. Developed with the ensemble in mind, the Quantum Mk II brings the sound of the art form into a new era that boasts present and balanced overtones throughout the ensemble.

Sound – Designed with the ensemble in mind, each instrument produces a characteristic sound that features balanced overtones with enhanced projection. The sound of the ensemble has a solid core and projects to the press box!

Intonation – All tuning slide lengths are designed to enable the instruments to play with the most accurate intonation. Tuning mechanisms throughout the line make tuning individual notes quick and easy.

Response – Slotting is effortless with the newly designed nickel-silver mouthpiece receiver. The thinner and uniform bell aids in focused projection, maintaining the Quantum Mk II Marching sound.

Weight – All of the new Quantum Mk II Marching instruments are lighter, most notably the JTU1101M marching tuba is 5 lbs lighter than its predecessor!

Balance – Lighter and uniform describes the new bell design that helps make the instruments feel comfortable and easy to hold due to the well-balanced design.

PlayabilityBaritone boasts interchangeable mouthpiece receivers allowing the standard small shank receiver to be substituted with the included large shank receiver, giving players even more flexibility. The Euphonium features a first valve thumb trigger allowing for easy intonation changes as well as a balanced design to aid in long practices and performances. The Mellophone features a squared-off main tuning slide to assist with slotting and to help obtain the perfect pitch. Along with the standard Mellophone mouthpiece, the Quantum Mk II Marching Mellophone includes a hybrid mouthpiece with a Mellophone shank and a French horn cup. The Tuba includes a smooth, easy to operate trigger mechanism and a long and short tuning slide for aiding in intonation no matter what climate you are in. The enhanced shoulder balancing system and line of sight through the left side of the instrument make the Quantum Mk II even more functional during performances.

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