Battery Percussion

Quantum Mk II Tenors

  • Thinner Maple-Walnut blended shells weigh less while having enhanced reinforcing rings to ensure shell integrity
  • No additional drilling – Randall May Free-Floating Lug Bridge (FFLB) mounting system provides stability and future set up flexibility
  • Classic Cut – Where a big resonant sound is preferred, these deliver.  Deep shells include outer plies of maple and inner plies of walnut with reinforcing ring, inner 45 degree bearing edges and 2.3mm triple flanged hoops.
  • California Cut – Mid-depth shell with the same great tone as the Classic Cut, but more focused.  They feature a SONIClear bearing edge and Sonic Saver hoops that have inner flange to provide more focus to the sound.


Model Description Weight
QFMT14 14″ Single Tenor w/ FFLB 10.45lbs
QFMT614 14″ Single Tenor w/  6″ Shot Drum w/ FFLB 13.3lbs
QFMT6814 14″ Single Tenor w/ 6″ & 8″ Shot Drums w/ FFLB 16.85lbs
QFMT8023 8″/10″/12″/13″ Quad w/ FFLB 24.5lbs
QFMT68023 6″/8″/10″/12″/13″ Quint w/ FFLB 27.35lbs
QFMT668023 6″/6″/8/10″/12″/13″ Sextet w/ FFLB 30.25lbs
QFMT0234 10″/12″/13″/14″ Quad w/ FFLB 27.85lbs
QFMT60234 6″/10″/12″/13″/14″ Quint w/ FFLB 30.75lbs
QFMT660234 6″/6″/10″/12″/13″/14″ Sextet w/ FFLB 33.65lbs
QFMT680234 6″/8″/10″/12″/12″/14″ Sextet w/ FFLB 34.25lbs
QFMT680233 6″/8″/10″/12″/13″/13″ Sextet w/ FFLB “Ohio Array” 34.1lbs
Model Description Weight
QCMT0234 10″/12″13″/14″ Quad w/ FFLB 28lbs
QCMT60234 6″/10″/12″/13″/14″ Quint w/ FFLB 37.7lbs
QCMT660234 6″/6″/10″/12″/13″/14″ Sextet w/ FFLB 33.8lbs
QCMT680234 6″/8″/10″/12″/13″/14″ Sextet w/ FFLB 34.45lbs
RM-M-EPOST-Q Randall May E-Posto Tenor Carrier
RM-MABS-Q Randall May ABS Posto Tenor Contour Hinge Carrier
RM-MABSP-Q Randall May Petite ABS Posto Tenor  Contour Hinge Carrier
XT750A Mapex Double-Braced Tenor Stand (Compatible only with T-Type of Aluminum Tubular Backrail Platform)
RM-MASH-Q Randall May AIRlift Stadium Stand for Tenors
MC5S Mapex Rehearsal Cover (for up to 13″ toms)
MC5L Mapex Rehearsal Cover (for 14″ toms)

Quantum Mk II Bass Drums

  • Externally adjustable eyebolts allows for easy height adjustment without the need to remove drumheads.
  • SONIClear Bearing Edge allows the drumhead to sit flatter, providing a warm and full resonant tone.
  • Six ply maple shell is only 5.8mm thick with 2.4mm birch reinforcement rings for the integrity of the shells.


Model Description Weight
QCMB1414 14″ x 14″ Bass Drum 14.75lbs
QCMB1614 16″ x 14″ Bass Drum 16.1lbs
QCMB1814 18″ x 14″ Bass Drum 17.75lbs
QCMB2014 20″ x 14″ Bass Drum 20.05lbs
QCMB2214 22″ x 14″ Bass Drum 21.85lbs
QCMB2414 24″ x 14″ Bass Drum 23.15lbs
QCMB2614 26″ x 14″ Bass Drum 24.45lbs
QCMB2814 28″ x 14″ Bass Drum 26.65lbs
QCMB3014 30″ x 14″ Bass Drum 28.25lbs
QCMB3214 32″ x 14″ Bass Drum 29.1lbs
RM-M-EPOST-B Randall May E-Posto Bass Drum Carrier
RM-MABS-B Randall May ABS Posto Bass Drum Contour Hinge Carrier
RM-MABSP-B Randall May Petite ABS Posto Bass Drum Contour Hinge Carrier
XB750A Mapex Double-Braced Bass Drum Stand (Compatible only with T-Type of Aluminum Tubular Backrail Platform)
RM-MASH-B Randall May AIRlift Stadium Stand for Bass Drums
MC32B Mapex Bass Drum Rehearsal Cover

Quantum Mk II Finish Options

STANDARD HARDWARE FINISH FOR QUANTUM SERIES DRUMS IS GLOSS CHROME. Custom Hardware Finishes include White, Black, and Graphite. Available on standard or special order shell colors. Extra delivery time required.


Standard Gloss Finish Options:

Gloss Black (DK), Gloss White (SW), Diamond Dazzle (CK)

DK     SW      CK

Available Special Order Covered Finishes:

Bonewood (AW), Driftwood (IW), Dragonwood (KW), Nightwood (ZW), Brushed Bronze (CT),
Gloss Navy Blue (DI), Metallic Dark Red (DR), Metallic Light Blue (DU), Grey Steel (GT), Blue Sparkle (NS),
Gun Metal Sparkle (QS), Blue Steel (UT), Brushed Red Steel (YT)  Extra delivery time required.

AW     IW     KW     ZW     CT

DI      DR      DU     GT      NS

QS      UT      YT


Available Special Order Lacquer Finishes:

Desert Dune (DW), Transparent Copper (EW), Emerald Burst (FG), Rose Burst (BHW), Flat Black (KFB),
Gold Sparkle Burst (LW), Natural Maple (MXN), Natural Satin (NW), Polished Black (PB), Peach Burst (PW),
Redwood Burst (RA), Amber Maple (SNL), Black Dawn (TK), Ultramarine (UM), Purple Haze (UP) Extra delivery time required.

DW     EW     FG     BHW    KFB    LW

MXN   NW      PB     PW     RA     SNL

TK      UM      UP