Mapex Quantum Series Carriers

Mapex Quantum Series Carriers


Mapex Vest Carriers feature a grey finish, heavy padded shoulders, lower back support straps, adjustable height belly plate, aluminum J-arms and no-slip easy adjusting J-arm brackets.



  • Adjustable height belly plate allows for quick fine tuning
  • Easy positioning of aluminum J-arm brackets while providing a secure hold
  • Comfortable shoulder plates
  • Snare carrier includes MXTSA Free Floating Snare Attachment that allows for front to back and side to side adjustment of the playing angle
  • Bass drum carrier includes attachment for easy and quick fastening to the eye-bolt of bass drum
  • Tenor carrier compatible with J-hook receiver style backrails only



MVSD-MP Mapex Vest Snare Carrier with MXTSA Free Floating Snare Attachment
MVQD-MP Mapex Vest Tenor Carrier
MVBD-MP Mapex Vest Bass Carrier
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