Quantum 3.0 Octave Field Frame Vibraphones

Quantum 3.0 Octave Field Frame Vibraphones


The Majestic Quantum 3.0 octave vibraphone meets the demands of modern front ensemble performance. Its rugged frame with versatile mounting options and black resonators set it apart. Meticulously tuned bars produce a full-bodied tone that can fill stadiums while retaining a lush, warm timbre.



  • Available in Gold or Silver Anodized Finish
  • Heavy-Duty Field Frame with 8″ wheels and pneumatic cylinder aided height adjustment for reliable, smooth and easy operation.
  • Tapered damper bar ensures greater dampening consistency throughout the range of the instrument, allowing for improved player control and expression
  • Wide pedal with dual pull rods improves player comfort and instrument reliability
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  • 3.0 Octave
  • Aluminum Alloy Bars
  • Notched Rubber Belt with Steel Reinforcement
  • Black Finish Resonators
  • Range: F3 – F6
  • Bar Width: 2.25″ – 1.5″ (57 – 38mm)
  • Quantum Field Frame with Pneumatic Height Adjustment
  • 8″ Cushioned Flat-Free Wheels
  • Accessory Mounting Bar Included
Model Description
V1530G Aluminum Alloy Bars with Gold Anodized Finish
V1530S Aluminum Alloy Bars with Silver Anodized Finish
V1530SX Aluminum Alloy Bars with Silver Anodized Finish, No Motor