Quantum Snare Drums

Quantum Snare Drums


The Quantum family of marching snare drums includes the Classic and Agility Models. The Quantum Snare Drum features a six ply shell for a warm overall sound, and a special snare bed that provides superior snare response. The reduced shell depth of the Agility model offers reduced weight for outdoor applications and a more articulate sound for indoor applications.



  • Warm and full sound of two interior plies of birch and four exterior plies of maple shell.
  • Support the highest tension tuning schemes and all batter and snare head types.
  • Chrome finish hardware is standard for a modern classic look.
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Quantum Snares are available in two models: Classic (14″ x 12″) and Agility (14″ x 10″)

STANDARD HARDWARE FINISH FOR QUANTUM SERIES DRUMS IS GLOSS CHROME. Custom Hardware Finishes include White and Black. Available on standard or special order shell colors. Extra delivery time required.


Standard Finishes

Gloss Black (DK), Gloss White (SW), Diamond Dazzle (CK)


  • DK

  • SW

  • CK


Premium Wrap Finishes

Blue Ripple (DBP), Red Ripple (DRP), Purple Ripple (DPP), Burgundy Ripple (DYP), Navy Ripple (DVP), Natural Shale (DHS), Dark Shale (DDS), Platinum Shale (DPS)


  • DBP

  • DRP

  • DPP

  • DYP

  • DVP

  • DHS

  • DDS

  • DPS


Premium Lacquer Finishes

Ultramarine (UM), Desert Dune (DW), Redwood Burst (RA), Emerald Burst (FG), Black Dawn (TK), Rainforest Burst (ET), Night Sky Burst (VL), Gun Metal Grey (PG), Tuscan Red (PA), Piano Black (PB), Exotic Azure Burst (PT), Tuscan Yellow (PM), Iridium Silver (PD), Exotic Violet Burst (PZ), Brunswick Green (PQ), Exotic Sunburst (PI) Extra delivery time required


  • UM

  • DW

  • RA

  • FG

  • TK

  • ET

  • VL

  • PG

  • PA

  • PB

  • PT

  • PM

  • PD

  • PZ

  • PQ

  • PI


  • 6 ply (2 interior birch/4 exterior maple) shell
  • Die cast aluminum hoops
  • Pro marching strainer with reinforced synthetic gut snares
  • 12 lugs, suspension frame
  • Remo UX Clear snare side head
  • Remo UT Clear w/ Dot batter head
Model Description Weight
QCX1412S Quantum 14″x 12″ Snare 14.95lbs
QAX1410S Quantum 14″ x 10″ Agility Snare 13.85lbs
Model Description
RM-M-EPOST-S MAY E-Posto Snare Carrier
RM-MAB-S MAY ABS Posto Snare Contour Hinge Carrier
RM-MABSP-S MAY Petite ABS Posto Snare Contour Hinge Carrier
XS750 Mapex Snare Stand, basket style w/ extended height & traditional folding tripod base for marching or concert use
RM-MASH-S Modular AIRlift Stadium Hardware Stand for Snare Drum, compatible w/ RM-ATS & RM-MS snare attachments
MC14S Mapex 14×12 Snare Drum Cover
RM-ATS-M MAY Aluminum J-Arm Style Snare Attachment
MXTSA Mapex Free Floating Snare Attachment