Quantum Mk II HBCU Style Traditional Chest Tenors

Quantum Mk II HBCU Style Traditional Chest Tenors


The Quantum Mk II traditional single tenor drum features an all maple shell, adjustable eyebolts for mounting, chromed steel hoops, and Remo Pinstripe Heads for the ultimate in projection and tone.



  • 5.8mm 100% Maple shell with SONIClear™ bearing edges provides a warm and full resonant tone
  • 15″ Diameter produces a unique sound and tuning range within the ensemble.
  • 2.3mm Power Hoops provide a reduced size and weight compared to traditional bass drum hoops ease of mobility maneuverability.
  • Externally adjustable eyebolt system to easily suit each individual player without removing drumheads.
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STANDARD HARDWARE FINISH FOR QUANTUM SERIES DRUMS IS GLOSS CHROME. Black hardware is available with an additional up charge and may require a longer lead time.

Standard Finishes

  • Silver Sparkle Swatch
    Silver Diamond Dazzle (CK)
  • Gloss Back Swatch
    Gloss Black (DK)
  • Gloss White Swatch
    Gloss White (SW)

Premium Wrap Finishes

  • Blue Ripple Swatch
    Blue Ripple (DBP)
  • Red Ripple Swatch
    Red Ripple (DRP)
  • Purple Ripple Swatch
    Purple Ripple (DPP)
  • Burgundy Ripple Swatch
    Burgundy Ripple (DYP)
  • Navy Ripple Swatch
    Navy Ripple (DVP)
  • Natural Shale Swatch
    Natural Shale (DHS)
  • Dark Shale Swatch
    Dark Shale (DDS)
  • Platinum Shale Swatch
    Platinum Shale (DPS)

Premium Lacquer Finishes

  • Desert Dune Swatch
    Desert Dune (DW)
  • Rainforest Burst Swatch
    Rainforest Burst (ET)
  • Rose Burst Swatch
    Rose Burst (HW)
  • Gold Sparkle Burst Swatch
    Gold Sparkle Burst (LW)
  • Black Dawn Swatch
    Black Dawn (TK)
  • Ultramarine Swatch
    Ultramarine (UM)


  • 13″ shell depth
  • 5.8mm maple shell
  • SONIClear™ bearing edge
  • Chromed Steel Power Hoops
  • Externally adjustable eyebolt system
  • Remo UT Pinstripe heads



Model Description Weight
QCTS1513 15″ x 13″ HBCU Style Traditional Chest Tenor 10.85lbs
Model Description
RM-M-EPOST-B MAY E-Posto Bass Drum Carrier
RM-MABS-B MAY ABS Posto Bass Drum Contour Hinge Carrier
RM-MABSP-B MAY Petite ABS Posto Bass Drum Contour Hinge Carrier
MVBD-MP Mapex Vest Bass Carrier
XB750A Mapex Double-Braced Bass Drum Stand
RM-MASH-B MAY AIRlift Stadium Stand for Bass Drums