Quantum Mk II Snare Drums

Quantum Mk II Snare Drums


The Quantum Mark II Snare Drum seamlessly combines lightweight design, versatile functionality, and user-friendly features. Available in Classic and Agility models, this drum, with its six-ply all-maple shell, ensures impressive projection and a next-generation experience.



  • Refined with a new lightweight and streamlined design, the aluminum throw off and butt side assemblies enable the entire snare module to be disengaged or detached to facilitate quick bottom head changes, requiring no readjustment of snare strand tension.
  • Removable aluminum snare module is an innovative feature that allows the entire snare module to be detached so that fine-tuning individual snare strands away from the drum is now possible.
  • Individual snare strands can be fine-tuned with a standard drum key and can also be easily removed or replaced with alternate strand materials to create a customized sound.
  • An all-maple shell with maple reinforcing rings provides projection and warmth with the added benefit of reduced weight.
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Quantum Mk II Snares are available in two models: Classic (14″ x 12″) and Agility (14″ x 10″)

STANDARD HARDWARE FINISH FOR QUANTUM SERIES DRUMS IS GLOSS CHROME. Black hardware is available with an additional up charge and may require a longer lead time.

Standard Finishes

  • Silver Sparkle Swatch
    Silver Diamond Dazzle (CK)
  • Gloss Back Swatch
    Gloss Black (DK)
  • Gloss White Swatch
    Gloss White (SW)

Premium Wrap Finishes

  • Blue Ripple Swatch
    Blue Ripple (DBP)
  • Red Ripple Swatch
    Red Ripple (DRP)
  • Purple Ripple Swatch
    Purple Ripple (DPP)
  • Burgundy Ripple Swatch
    Burgundy Ripple (DYP)
  • Navy Ripple Swatch
    Navy Ripple (DVP)
  • Natural Shale Swatch
    Natural Shale (DHS)
  • Dark Shale Swatch
    Dark Shale (DDS)
  • Platinum Shale Swatch
    Platinum Shale (DPS)

Premium Lacquer Finishes

  • Desert Dune Swatch
    Desert Dune (DW)
  • Rainforest Burst Swatch
    Rainforest Burst (ET)
  • Rose Burst Swatch
    Rose Burst (HW)
  • Gold Sparkle Burst Swatch
    Gold Sparkle Burst (LW)
  • Black Dawn Swatch
    Black Dawn (TK)
  • Ultramarine Swatch
    Ultramarine (UM)


  • 6 ply all-maple shell with maple reinforcing rings
  • Die cast aluminum hoops
  • Removable aluminum snare module
  • Aluminum throw off and butt side assemblies with reinforced synthetic guts tunable by standard drum key
  • 12 lugs, suspension frame
  • Remo UX Clear snare side head
  • Remo UT Clear w/ Dot batter head
Model Description Weight
QCNX1412S Quantum Mk II 14″x 12″ Snare 14.75lbs
QANX1410S Quantum Mk II 14″ x 10″ Agility Snare 13.65lbs
Model Description
RM-M-EPOST-S MAY E-Posto Snare Carrier
RM-MAB-S MAY ABS Posto Snare Contour Hinge Carrier
RM-MABSP-S MAY Petite ABS Posto Snare Contour Hinge Carrier
MVSD-MP Mapex Vest Snare Carrier with MXTSA Free Floating Snare Attachment
XS750 Mapex Snare Stand, basket style w/ extended height & traditional folding tripod base for marching or concert use
RM-MASH-S Modular AIRlift Stadium Hardware Stand for Snare Drum, compatible w/ RM-ATS & RM-MS snare attachments
MC14S Mapex 14×12 Snare Drum Cover
RM-ATS-M MAY Aluminum J-Arm Style Snare Attachment
MXTSA Mapex Free Floating Snare Attachment